Monday, July 4, 2011

Product Review: Danskin Now- Surplice Foam Sport Bra

One of the toughest problems I've had is finding a sports bra that will support me properly.  When I would workout and run, or jump my 38DD's would practically hit me in the face.  Not to mention how it hurt when they would "drop."  I did a little digging around to see what sports bras were out there that would actually keep the girls still and where they are supposed to be.  I found this great article that not only gives recommendations for good bras, but tells what to look for in a bra.

I would have loved to get one that she recommends, but I didn't want to shell out so much money for a sports bra when I'm losing weight and wouldn't be able to wear it in the future.  So with my info in hand, I decided to start where every redneck woman starts--Walmart.

I was thrilled to see that they had several great options there.  I quickly narrowed my choices down to just a few and headed to the fitting room.  You absolutely MUST try before you buy! There's no way to ensure a great fit if you don't!  While I was in there, I made sure to give a jumping test and running test.  Only 2 made the cut.  

I decided to go ahead and buy only one.  I chose the Danskin Now-Surplice Foam Sport Bra.  It's a great High-Impact bra.  (You can see a pic of me wearing it in the beginning progress shot.)  I went with the white one, but only because our store didn't have them in other colors.  I really wish I could get the red one in the picture.  

This bra continues to amaze me.  I got the 38D which is the largest one they had there.  I should have gotten the 40 D as I'm stuffed into it. I love the molded cups and the hook-eye closure. It's an extremely comfortable bra! There have been comments about my boobs bouncing while I'm wearing this, but I don't feel the "drop" like I used to.  And honestly, jiggle is going to jiggle.  I really don't feel any bounce at all in this.

The only cons are because of it being a size too small.  My boobs are stuffed in their like a sausage.  I don't like that it pushed my boobs together as much as it does.  I have been known to get a little rash in my cleavage from them being together like that.  A little more separation would go a long way.  I honestly don't know if a bigger size would fix that for someone as large-chested as me.  

All-in-all it's a great bra with a price you can't beat ($11 and change).  I Highly recommend it to anyone with a little bit extra bounce :)

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