Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Help! Help!

I'll get my weigh in posted later today, but first I want to ask for your help.  Have you ever noticed the little grey icons on the bottom of each post? Those are there for you to help me get the word out about this little blog.

Scrolling over them you'll see there's one to email the post, link to the post on your Facebook Page, Google Plus, Twitter or Google Buzz.  PLEASE click those and let the world know you like my blog!  There's also a button on the left side tab to share the link for the whole blog--not just a single post--onto FB or Twitter!  You'll also see a Not Just a Little Fat logo with some funny looking text in a scrolling menu beneath it.  You can copy that text and add that Logo to your blog for your readers to see it!

You can also subscribe to the blog. You can either click one of the buttons on the left to subscribe via RSS feed.  Don't ask me about that one, though.  I haven't figured out RSS, yet.  Or you can subscribe via email.  This way, you'll get notified each time I add a new blog post.  AND you can share it when you get the updates :)

So please help me out and share with your friends!

Thanks in advance!

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