Monday, July 18, 2011

Product Review: Tone Fitness Kettle Bells Set of Three

I followed my own challenge and got my very first pair of kettle bells! I couldn't wait to get home and use them!

My journey for the perfect one lead me to Academy. I actually happened across this set way in the corner away from all the other KBs. It comes with three weights. 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb. I think that's a great set for a beginner. The set was about $30. It also came with a DVD.
These are not a piece of metal dipped with some sort of coating to help grip it with like the more expensive ones are. They are a thick vinyl that has cement inside them that makes them weighted. They are definitely not the best quality, but I think they'll do for what I'll be using them for. If you're planning on using them to burn out or you're known to drop weights at the end of your reps, then I definitely don't recommend them. I find the grip to be pretty good on them. I haven't gotten in a super sweaty workout, but I never fealt like they were going to slip. If you ever do, then you might want to get some lifting gloves.

I had been watching workouts on YouTube, so I knew what kind of things to expect as far as a workout goes. I got home got my workout clothes on, then popped in the DVD ready to follow along for a workout. I was pretty disappointed to find it's not a workout so much as it is directions on how to do several of the more common KB exercises. Some of the exercises weren't even done with proper form. There were a few good tips, so it's worth the 20 minutes or so it takes to watch it. (check out Wednesday's workout for some instructions on the proper form!)

All in all I think this is a great set for beginners. They might not be the most durable but for someone that doesn't use them for every workout, and didnt even know if they would like KB workouts, they make a great starter set. I'd say if you're just getting curious about KBs and all they can do for you, then go ahead and get this set!

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