Here I'll list links to all of my favorite weight loss and fitness resources!

  • I'm really loving exploring Sarah Dussault's blog and YouTube Channel.  I have even followed her on Facebook and Twitter.  Many of the workouts I post here on the blog are from her!
  • I have a new interest in kettle bells.  They just look awesome and I've heard lots of great things about them.  My research into them lead me to this great YouTube Channel.  The workouts Marianne's posted are great and have lots of tips on them.  You can also read the blog here.  I can't wait til my body is close to that!
  • Let me just go ahead and add YouTube as a great resource.  No matter what kind of workout you're looking for, you can find one on there.  Just be cautious and use good judgement to find credible people.  
  • An interval timer app for your phone.  Great for a multitude of workouts.  Working at intervals has been shown to give awesome workout benefits!
  • Food IQ app for iPhone.  This app makes it easy to count my calories and keep track of all of my food intake.
  • I'm loving 3 Fat chicks on diet! Their forum is a great place to get support!
I think that's a good start! I'll add more as I come across them!