Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ugh, my knee, WORKOUT

I was feeling so hopeful yesterday that my knee is finally better and even had plans to go running on it today. I woke up in the middle of the night with a lot of knee pain. You know how your legs feel after you've been on them all day? That's how my knee feels. I think I just need a few more days of recovery.

It's such a bummer cause I can't do the workouts I want. I can do abs and arms, but not much with my legs.

So here's what I'm doing to work out:

Cardio: hitting the punching bag. I've got to make sure I'm constantly moving and punching with a lot of force to get my heart rate up

Muscle building: Abs
Side plank (2x 15 seconds)
Plank (2x 15 seconds) 

LOVE the workouts in the below video.  I'm not quite strong enough to do them the way Sarah does, so I modify them.  When doing to leg bridges from the first exercise, I do them with both legs down, but still do the same number of reps.  For example, when I should be doing one on each leg, I do two with both legs down.  When doing the side exercises, I cut the reps in half, I just can't get through that many, yet.

Muscle Building: Arms

Biceps Curls with five pound weights (2 sets of 12)

Triceps Curls (2 sets of 12)

Reverse flys (2 sets of 12)

Dumbbell Bench Press OR Push ups (you guessed it 2 sets of 12)

Lateral Raises (2 sets of 12)
Cardio: Punching Bag
You don't need a punching bag to do this.  Just punch the air.  The reason I'm using this as my cardio is because of the knee.  The key to making this a good cardio workout is keeping your feet moving.  If you're unsure how to do this, then watch a video of a boxer on YouTube.  Punch with vigor.  I like getting mad at someone and envisioning their face on the bag :)  Keep your punches sharp and crisp.  Do a combination of uppercuts, jabs, and hooks to get a pretty good ab workout too :)  I do this for however long it takes for me to get to where I can only talk in short sentences.  

I don't do this workout in any particular order.  I've read it's best to workout in intervals, so I'd do a little cardio at the beginning, middle and end.  Do NOT repeat each set back to back.  If you want to do everything in the order it's listed here, then go down the list once, go back to the top and repeat 3 more times.  

**I'm not a fitness expert! This may not be the BEST way to do the workout, but It's what I'm doing until my knee is well enough to do the workouts on the EA Sports Active 2.  It will work the areas.  As with all workouts, be sure to consult a doctor to be sure you're healthy enough for exercise.**

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