Monday, June 27, 2011

Flip the Switch

For years now I've been wanting to lose the weight.  I guess I've just never had the right kind of motivation.  Don't get me wrong, I've had tons of motivators.  I want to be healthy for my daughter, be sexy for my hubby, feel good about myself, wear pretty clothes, etc.

I've often complained about my weight to my wonderful hubby.  He's always said, "just do it, you just need will power."  While that's true, it just wasn't good enough for me.  I've often told him that I just can't flip the switch and lose the weight.  The last time I gave that excuse he very lovingly and bluntly told me, "no you can't flip the switch and the weight fall right off, but you can flip the switch and change your lifestyle." This hit me like a dagger.  The next day, I decided to flip the switch.  

We did make a little wager, though.  If I work out 4 days a week, then he will go to church on Sunday.  That's the areas that we've both wanted the other to change, but neither of us ever did.  Apparently, him going to church was just the right motivation.  He is saved, and I know he's going to heaven, but somehow it seems like his soul rests in my hands.  Like if I don't workout then he will not grow in his relationship with God the way he should.  Yes, his soul is the perfect motivation!

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