Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Do It

No this is not an endorsement for Nike! Just a little encouragement for you! It's something I've been telling myself over and over.  Like every overweight person, over the years I've given excuse after excuse to not workout or eat right.  Well, the excuses stop here! Now! I mean it! I'm not going to allow myself to give another excuse, and you shouldn't either!

No more excuse of no more time.  You can make time throughout the day to get a little in here or there.  You can fold clothes and do squats. You can do sit ups when watching TV.  Got a crying baby? No longer an excuse! Pick him up and run in place, or do jumping jacks with him on your hip (just switch sides half way through :))

Today time totally got away from me.  L has a cold and like any mommy I kept waking up to check on her.  Long story short, we didn't even get out of bed until 11:30 this morning.  Then I got caught up working on a new, much, much better design for the blog.  Next thing I knew, it was time to get up and get dressed to go out for moms night and I hadn't worked out, yet.  No longer making any excuses, when I got home I quickly got dressed and worked out.  I didn't care that it was 10:45 pm that I did it.  What counts is that I did it.  I got my workout in.  Now I don't have to feel guilty, and even better I burned off some of the extra calories I got from eating out!

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